Asset-Based Lending for Non-Asset-Based Lenders

Course Overview
This course provides participants with a basic understanding of asset-based lending (ABL) concepts and techniques. Participants learn about ABL borrowers, collateral and field examinations, and loan structures, including reporting and monitoring techniques. Participants read and discuss a case study that illustrates many of the issues involved in ABL.

Who will benefit?
This course is for small business and middle-market lenders who are not asset-based lenders but who are responsible for identifying ABL customers. The program also provides an excellent overview of asset-based lending for others who need a basic understanding of the process of making an asset-based loan (e.g., loan review personnel, credit analysts).

You will:
-Target appropriate candidates for asset-based loans.
-Identify and understand the risks particular to asset-based lending.
-Understand the purpose and objectives of the field exam and be able to explain how the exam discloses and quantifies collateral risk.
-Understand how and why effective loan structuring, reporting, and monitoring can minimize asset-based lending risk.

Participants are expected to have some small business and middle-market lending experience.

Location: 101 Market Street4 San Francisco, CA
Date: February 23, 2017
Time: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Credits: 8.00 NASBA CPE Hour(s); 8.00 CRC CEU(s)

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