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Why Being a Member of GGRMA is So Important…Especially Now

With your RMA membership, you benefit from the member-driven resources and industry information essential for managing today’s economic challenges.

RMA has played many roles in my career, but I would narrow it down to three specific areas—education and training, peer exchange and association, and leadership. Once I was introduced to RMA and recognized the quality of its programs and materials, I realized what an opportunity RMA gave me to learn my skills. Whether it was the basic exchange of credit information and learning uniform cash flow analysis in my early days or, more recently, broadening my horizons to enterprise risk management, RMA has been a go-to resource for my education and for understanding what it takes to do my job.”

— David Coxon, RMA Chairman, member since 1980.

Opportunities to Shine

In addition to a free subscription to The RMA Journal® and discounts on all RMA events, products, services, and training, membership also provides countless networking opportunities and exposure to the industry’s key decision makers and managers. RMA’s local and national events keep you up to date on industry trends and issues while allowing you to meet new people and swap successes with peers.

Becoming a member also gives you a voice in the industry. A forum to share your ideas and have them valued is extremely satisfying and beneficial for your professional growth.

All the Benefits:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Subscription to The RMA Journal (published 10 times a year)(Link the bolded to
  • Discounts on all products, services, events, and training
  • Discounts on regulatory events like our Audio conference Series.
  • Free Downloads of articles and Industry Study Packs
  • Access to over 20,000 associate members and hundreds of local members.
  • Career development/leadership opportunities
  • Advance notice of events near you
  • Access to the “members only” area of the RMA National Website
  • Updates on regulatory issues and best practices
  • Eligibility for CRC (Credit Risk Certified) designation

Who Can Join RMA?

The following entities are eligible for membership: banks, bank holding companies, savings banks, savings and loans, private banks, trust companies, investment banks, finance companies, economic development corporations, leasing companies, governmental agencies responsible for the supervision and regulation of RMA member institutions, and professional firms that provide services related to risk management to financial institutions. Individual membership is open to all personnel involved in lending and risk management in member organizations.

Types of Membership

The following organizations are eligible to apply for Institutional Membership:

  1. Financial institutions, private and governmental, active in lending, the professional identification and management of credit and related risks, other aspects of risk management, and in providing related financial services;
  2. Agencies and authorities responsible for the supervision and regulation of such financial institutions, and other government and quasi-government administrations and entities that regularly deal with such financial institutions in connection with such activities;
  3. Other organizations, private and governmental, that are not financial institutions but whose primary functions and activities in credit and risk identification and management closely parallel those of financial institutions.


For those persons whose institution is a member and want to join. For a definition of “institution,” see above.


For Individuals in organizations and entities not eligible to be Institutional Members but who are regularly involved in credit risk identification and management for their own account (such as insurance companies and securities broker-dealers) and professional or service organizations or firms that directly assist financial institutions in carrying out their credit-related mission (such as accounting firms, law firms, and similar consultants).


Academic Representatives shall be those persons who meet all requirements set by the RMA Board of Directors for such membership, who are employed by organizations and entities not eligible to be Institutional Members but are regularly involved in instructing and advising on the mitigation of credit, operational, and market risk for their own institution’s curriculum or are directly assisting financial institutions in carrying out their risk-related mission. (Examples include professors, deans, and teaching assistants.) Academic Representatives may participate in RMA activities appropriate to their interest and expertise.


A candidate for membership must be a full-time student (not currently employed full time) and be enrolled within a major associated with risk management (business management, administration, finance, or accounting). Undergraduate freshmen are excluded from membership. All other undergraduate and graduate-level students are eligible.

Questions About RMA Membership? 

Contact the Golden Gate Chapter:
By phone: 415-878-6RMA (415-878-6762)
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